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After years of paranormal investigation at some truly amazing locations as well as residential cases I have found that the moment people find out what I do they have stories to share. Some are of bumps & bangs in their homes with shadows flitting about, glimpsed from the corner of the eye. Some are intense with fear, physical harm caused, objects in the home relocated or destroyed, reactive pets, and what appear to be inhuman noises & voices heard. All need an outlet for the sharing, with compassion as well as hope that answers can be found offered in return. I feel I offer that. I am fortunate enough, as a result of years of speaking with the best investigators & researchers in their anomalous fields for my program Paranormal Experienced Radio, to have great resources to reach out to should a situation arise I am less experienced with. 

I have personally had extreme experiences while investigating both private and public locations. I have been touched, hushed, had entities play with my hair, caress my cheek, doors opened as well as other actions happen in front of me. 

As a speaker I share some of those experiences while maintaining anonymity for private clients. Evidence clips are included in my presentations, both video and audio. I provide equipment people can test & ask questions about and always provide question and answer time for participants. 

I have learned that the best way to learn is to teach, and I try to include some teaching of paranormal theories in my presentations as well. This field is not stagnant and the theories of the basis of activity are developing at a lightning pace right now. The physics potentially involved is a fascinating topic and I discuss that with sourced material as well.

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