Paranormal Experienced is designed to both entertain and educate. We bring in some of the most experienced researchers in the paranormal field to discuss what experiences piqued their interest and brought them into the field as well as what they have experienced in their research. Our guests have included paranormal celebrities, parapsychologists, ufologists, authors, physical mediums & psychics, active and experienced investigators, app developers as well as guests who manage and work in haunted locations. You just never know who will show up!

Ultimately, the show is for and about the listener. We search for the truth about the paranormal and do our best to answer those questions most seem to have about all manner of topics.

Paranormal Experienced with host Kat Hobson

Kat Hobson is a seasoned paranormal researcher, investigator and host of Paranormal Experienced Radio. She shares knowledge and experience and offers advice to others about the paranormal useful to both novice enthusiasts and seasoned veterans of the field alike. She and her guests discuss paranormal news, investigation advice, equipment tech tips, paranormal trivia and much more!

Kat has many gifts including being able to sense the presence of spirits, see them and sometimes read people's thoughts! Kat has worked extensively with her team and their clients to resolve many cases to date.

Kat joined SCARE of Alabama in the summer of 2013 as an experienced paranormal investigator and researcher. In addition to helping residential clients, she has also investigated locations including the Pensacola Lighthouse, St. Augustine Lighthouse, the Key West Lighthouse, Sloss Furnace, the Old South Pittsburgh Hospital & was on the only team to investigate abandoned hospitals in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

Paranormal Experienced

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